Lost Jewellery Registration:

Why register your lost jewellery?

It's FREE to register and doing so could help you recover what you thought was lost forever.

Metal detecting is fast becoming a popular hobby. Most people still don't understand metal detecting and think they're only finding pennies, I can assure you from my experiences the reality is they're finding much, much, more!

The reason to register your lost item with "Finders":

It's possible that someone else could find it before we do. We will post your lost item with the Reward you offer on our "Bulletin Board". Most people like myself would rather find the person who lost that item and return it. The reward money is a bonus that most of us could use and the end result is everyone benefits.

Finders will be contacting as many metal detector users in the area as we can and make them aware of the bulletin board and the opportunity to make a Reward if returned. This service can be very successful and help you the public in finding your lost jewellery.

Please fill out the following form:

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of the lost item (10k, 24k, Silver, Platinum etc). Make note of any inscription inside the ring.


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By submitting the above information you except the conditions: Finders will not be held responsible for any damages to your jewellery during or prior to the search and recovery.

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