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Dear Sir or Madam:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Turner for over six years now, and I have never found a more outspoken, enthusiastic, and devoted advocated of the Sport of Metal Detecting.

I first met Chris when he was making inquiries at my shop concerning the purchase of a detector. I was immediately impressed by the amount of knowledge he had about the various types and models available. After much research and discussion, he decided upon the most complicated machine available at that time; a White's Eagle. Over a very short period, he mastered the programming of the Eagle computer, which was evident by the truly amazing collection of coins, jewelry, and artifacts he amassed.

I have sold Chris several other detectors over the years, including a specialty beach hunting machine. They never seemed to measure up to his talent, and he always came back to his Eagle. When White's Electronics came out with their newer, more sophisticated Eagle Spectrum, he immediately traded up and has never looked back since. This is an extremely complex, computer programmable detector, with a variety of adjustments and settings which never cease to confound even the most experienced veteran, including myself. I have had to, on more than one occasion, ask for advice on how to set up a program to deal with a difficult search.

He is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise on the subject with anyone, but I think he gets his greatest sense of satisfaction from turning people on to the possibilities of the sport. I have had many enthusiastic customers come to my store after meeting Chris and having talked to him. He always make a point of making people aware of the responsibilities which go with the hobby, such as leaving a site in better shape that you found it, or attempting to find the owner of any identifiable relic or jewelry.

His sharing of information, expertise, and enthusiasm, to say nothing of his incredible collection, make Chris the best detectorist I have ever met. I consider him to be a true spokesman for the industry. I am fortunate to be able to call him my friend.

Good Hunting,

Gordon Prothero