House Owners & Sellers:

For thousands of years throughout history people have used the ground we walk on as a bank, burying their money and valuables for safekeeping. Over time some would forget where they had buried it and others would take that secret to their grave.

Before there were banks in North America and still to this day, people have buried and hidden their money and valuables in the ground and in their homes.

Do you have a story about someone in your family who buried their life savings and maybe forgot where he or she buried it?

Did your grandparents tell stories of riches hidden in their house or on their property?

If you're just a little curious and want to find out if these stories could be true, the first thing to do is don't sell that Property!

Have Finders search it and make sure your not walking away from that win fall you've always dreamt of.

Find out once and for all if it was fact or fiction.
Call Finders and set up a meeting.
All information will be kept Personal and Confidential.

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