Treasure Hunters:

Most of you treasure hunters have made many amazing finds over the years. I have found many things in the past and love the feeling of the discovery. I also got to a point where I wanted to find the owner of the jewellery and return it.

The first ring I found was for a lady who lost her diamond ring on the beach early one morning. Her and her husband were franticly searching for it by a log.

When they saw me they came running up and asked if I could help find a ring. I was happy to help and found it minutes later. They were so happy they wanted to pay me for finding it, I said no thanks and that I was happy to help, but they insisted and wouldn't take no for an answer.

That got me thinking that there must be a lot of people who need this service. I started out charging an hourly rate and a finder's fee but soon after decided to work on a Reward bases only if found.

What I propose to those of you who metal detect the beaches and parks out there is please check my "Bulletin Board" and see if you have found any of the lost items posted on this site.

If you have found something that matches a description on the Lost Jewellery Board, call or email me and we will coordinate a meeting between all parties to exchange the item for the reward. As you well know if you were to pawn the ring, it wouldn't bring you much in return. By returning it to its rightful owner you will have made someone very, very happy and at the same time make some money for your efforts. That a great hobby we have that makes others so very happy we exist and also makes us a few dollars. That other hobby can offer that?

Please send this link to any fellow treasure hunters that could benefit by knowing this information.

Thank you for reading this and good luck in your adventures, I hope you find the mother load.