Insurance Companies:

As you well know the insurance industry tries to accomplish two different goals in business. It wants to service clients and make a profit. To make a profit the revenues must exceed the expenses, including claims.

For close to 30 years now I've been using metal detectors, it started out as a hobby and now I provide a public service to help people who have lost their jewellery. I have recovered many lost articles for people over the years, lost at the beach or a park, some in lakes and even people's back yards.

This has resulted in my letter to you today:
When someone has lost their jewellery, it affects both them and the insurance company. From my experience the people who lost their jewellery would rather have it found as opposed to the money they receive from their claim. That being said, if they have no means of finding it they then proceed with their insurance claim. I would like to propose that you contact me before you settle these claims. For 25% of the claim value I will search for the item (with exceptions).

Example; if you are going to settle a claim for a lost ring, (Claim value $1600) My fee for finding it would be $400. If the recovery of the lost ring was not made, you owe nothing.

This idea much like my service is unique and change comes slowly for corporations, however I see no negative aspect to this proposal. I will work on situations as you determine the need. There are numerous applications to my proposal; the most obvious is lost jewellery, while playing, swimming, skiing and any other outside activity. A search can be successful in some cases after extended periods of time. If you have any doubt as whether or not I can assist you on a specific situation, call me and we can discuss it.

One other area that I feel I can help is in the area of fraud. Some people may claim to have lost an item to make money off the claim. If that person is told that a professional treasure hunter will search the area where they said it was lost, they may say "No, let me look more before you do that" because they panic over possibly being exposed and you may never hear back from them.

This can be an added benefit, with no extra cost to you. If I find 25% of the items I search for and prevent just 5% of the fraud cases that are reported, it will be a major improvement for your company at the end of the year.

By offering this service your clients will admire your company for going the extra mile and sending me out to search for their loss. Over time I can potentially save your firm a significant amount of money. I see many benefits to my proposal and I hope you do to.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind Regards,
Chris Turner
778-838-FIND (3463)