• Well, I was at my kick-boxing class tonight, and forgot to remove my rings before I left home…

    I just wanted to share with you a service that may get you outta trouble... it totally helped me out tonight!

    Well, I was at my kick-boxing class tonight, and forgot to remove my rings before I left home. When I got to class, I put the rings into my friend's zippered pocket for safe keeping. Of course, they didn't stay in her pocket....After class, when we were walking out, she reached into her pocket to give me my rings back, and "ping" I hear a faint noise.....my wedding band fell out and rolled off...onto the concrete, into the grass, covered with leaves, in the dark.

    The entire kick-boxing class helped me look for it in the dark for about 20 min, until someone said, "you should rent a metal-detector." That's when I googled metal detector rentals, Vancouver on my phone. I clicked on the first link that came up and found Chris from www.metaldetectorrental.ca. At 8:30 in the evening, in the middle of a Canucks game, he drove from Metrotown to Granville Island to help me find my ring. With a metal-detector and flashlight in hand, he searched for about 1 hour, and found my ring!!!!! Jerome and I had basically given up 20 min. into his search, but he didn't.

    I just wanted to share this story with all of you just in case you need his services in the future. In terms of his fee, Chris only accepts Rewards/Donations from the owners if he finds their jewelry, and also donates 15% to Children's Hospital. Thanks again Chris. I've been telling all my friends.


  • I lost my wedding band over a month ago…

    I lost my wedding band over a month ago now and I was quite disappointed to say the least. I've never taken my ring off except for a few hours to do odd chores around the house for the last 10 years. After losing the ring, it felt like I lost a part of me. So I started scouring "lost and found" ads in the paper and craigslist hoping to find my ring. And this is how I found Chris Turner, on Craigslist, offering his service to find lost jewelry for people. So I contacted Chris, told him where, when and how I lost it. He said he'll try to look for it but there won't be any guarantee. I resigned to the fact that he won't find it since it's been lost in the lake for at least 3 weeks after calling him. But lo and behold, one beautiful Saturday morning he gives me a call to let me know he found it!!!! They say miracles don't happen but it did, Chris happened. I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to you again buddy. Big Thanks!!!


  • I would just like to thank you for finding my ring…

    I would just like to thank you for finding my ring. Me and my wife were sooooooo happy and without you I wouldn't have this smile on my face right now!! After 30 mins looking I was really starting to think were never gonna find it............ but you did and I cant thank you enough. Such a great guy and I have the utmost respect for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your treasure hunts and if you ever need a sidekick.......... Just give me a shout. ha-ha


  • It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. I had the opportunity…

    It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. I had the opportunity to view the you tube on your Book of Smiles website page. Got a chuckle and a good feeling from the success story of finding my wedding band in the big old ocean. Your professionalism and passion are the keys to your success and the joy of reuniting valuable and sentimental objects with their owners. Thank you for being there when I needed you!

    Best regards

  • Again… I would like to tell you how thankful I am for your help. Words can not express my gratitude for finding my ring.

    I have just finished posting on craigslist and about to send you the testimonial.

    Again… I would like to tell you how thankful I am for your help. Words can not express my gratitude for finding my ring.

    I hope you know that what you're doing is honestly amazing. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

    Good luck on your future searches, and may all the best be with you!


    After losing a very sentimental diamond ring my boyfriend gave me, in the snow on new years, I almost gave up hope on ever finding it.

    My boyfriend and I were on our hands and knees in the snow for about 3 hours attempting to find it.

    Finally I decided to post an ad on criagslist, and only one person replied: Chris Turner. He told me about the company he has that helps people find lost jewellery in the snow, water, beaches, etc, and told me he would be interested in helping me out.

    I gave him a call the next morning, and an hour after I talked to him, he drove right out to where I lost the ring and immediately started looking for it. After searching through the snow banks for about an hour, we had no luck.

    It didn't help the situation that snow plows had been through the area quite recently. I did not expect him to come back a few days later to keep searching, or a few days after that. He e-mailed me every time he went back, and kept telling me to have hope.

    I was just about to accept that I'd never find it, when one day he came right to my work and to my great surprise, he was holding my ring! It was in the snow for 21 days, just off the road in a pretty busy area, and he found it. It was amazing. He looked just as happy as I did when he saw my face light up.

    My boyfriend and I are so grateful that Chris took the time, effort and patience to find something so precious to us. The object that is a symbol of our love with so many great memories and meaning behind it, is now safely on my finger.

    It's great to see someone with such a huge heart doing this for people, and getting great satisfaction from it.

    So for anyone that has lost jewellery, I would highly recommend giving Chris a call. If you point him in the right direction, he will surely try his hardest to find what your looking for. You can find his services at http://lostjewellery.com/

    I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • Somewhere in 20cm snow, over a 50 meter area, I knew my ring lay…

    Thank you so much, Anglea was so happy I wish you had caught her reaction on tape :)

    Here is a testimonial for your website, and as I still feel indebted to you I'm going to make sure everyone I know hears the story and knows about your website. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you or your business in the future, I would be only happy to help.

    All the best, you're a good man.


    The cold weather had brought new snow and without gloves or mittens the loss was almost inevitable. I felt lucky; the neighborhood had rallied around to help me with the search but after a few hours in the blowing snow, with brooms and a child's metal detector, we had to give up. There was just too much snow and this search seemed impossible.

    The snow was likely to stay for weeks and soon snow plows and 'shovelers' would surely make the task more difficult. Without a solution, I thought for a whim I would surf the internet to find out what other people do in similar circumstances.

    One of the first links brought me to the story of a lost ring on the side of a mountain, found by an altruistic gentleman within 5 minutes. A nice ending, but surely this wasn't in the cards for me.

    How likely would it be that a random search would turn up this miracle worker in the same city that I lived in? The man was Chris Turner and as I would later find, very likely.

    It was a quick phone call, the rate would be whatever I could afford and although taken back a bit by this, it was clear he was on his way and that his priority was finding my ring, regardless of the financial outcome.

    We spent a few hours in the cold and snow and at the end of the first day, had done a cursory search of the entire area and more detailed search of over half of it. The second day had brought more of the same; more cold, more snow and combing the second half of the area I knew my ring must have been lost.

    I had resigned myself to call it a loss, Christmas was a few days away, the roads were treacherous and I knew Chris must have priorities other than my ring. We ended the second day empty handed, the snow wasn't stopping and the snow plows had already shifted everything from where it lay the day before.

    Christmas came and went and on Boxing Day I receive a phone call from Chris! He would like to come out and do a follow up call, the snow had been melting and he felt we had a chance to focus on areas that we might have missed such as the nearby foliage.

    I was beside myself; this guy was truly remarkable, he really wanted to help me find the ring and wasn't going to give up until it was found.

    Twenty minutes into the search Chris bends down with an exclamation I hadn't heard yet, he seemed confident something was there and after probing the snow a bit with his bare hands, Chris pulled out my ring from the garden adjacent to the path I had traveled a week earlier!

    If you have found yourself in a similar circumstance, if you believe you might know where something valuable you lost is, then rest assured that these words "If it's there, I'll find it" are spoken with sincerity and conviction from a man I personally know to make them come true.

  • It was the worst Christmas morning when I woke up and realized my engagement ring was gone…

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate you finding my ring! IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! :)

    I can officially get married in my originally wedding band....thank you so much! You are an angel sent from heaven! You and Beverly!

    You are one of the few great people in this world! I will be writing you a wonderful testimonial and also when I get married you will be getting a picture in June 2009!!!!!!!!! :)

    What is your home address so I can make sure you get a picture? Also could i ask to have some of the pictures that you took? We are going to be having a slid show and that would be some story to tell!

    Thank you so much Chris and Beverly! You guys are great people! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me! :) Thank you! And hopefully 2009 will be a better year for our family and a happy new year to you! THANKS!


    It was the worst Christmas morning when I woke up and realized my engagement ring was gone!

    On Christmas Eve we had a family dinner and of course it had been snowing.

    I decided to go outside with my twin nephews and sled and throw snowballs (without gloves on). I knew for a fact when I lost my ring that it had to of happened throwing snowballs.

    On Christmas Day my whole family (including my Father which just had extensive surgery) was outside with a metal detector in about 6 inches of snowing trying to find my ring....no luck.

    We searched and searched up until dark. I am getting married in June 2009 so I absolutely needed to find my wedding ring! I was sick! It was the worst feeling ever, especially when I had to call my fiancé on Christmas day at work and tell him that I had lost my ring.

    When he got home from work that night he was even outside at dark searching. I had to work the day after Christmas, which wasn't at all a happy day without my ring. The whole day I was determined to figure something out to find my ring!

    I ended up renting another metal detector and rearranging a ring searching party for Saturday. Until I was cursing the internet and found Chris Turner and the treasure hunters. At first I wasn't sure if this was true or not but hey what could I loose?

    I decided to give him a call and of course he was so sincere and helpful. He actually gave me some hope that I would be able to find my ring. That evening he called me back and decided he would drive down himself from Canada the next morning!

    I couldn't believe it! Every phone conversation I had with Chris gave me more hope. That morning I met him and he began searching the yard. At first I was very anxious and almost thought to myself that I was never going to find it as the hour went on.........but before I knew it he was holding up my wedding ring!!!!

    I couldn't believe it! My parents came running out and it was a wonderful moment to know that I was still going to be able to get married with my original wedding ring! I have never felt so grateful in my life! Chris and his wife Beverley are wonderful people. In these days its hard to find people out there who are willing to help others for no charge but to put a smile on your face.

    Thank you so much for making my family and I have happy holidays and a happy new year. I feel like I can't say thank you enough! I will for sure recommend you if I ever run into someone who has lost something special! :)

    Lauren and David

  • I decided to go out with my sister to help shovel the snow…

    On December 27th, I went over to my parents place to pay my mom a visit while my dad is out of town. My mom was telling me how difficult it was to try to pull in to the drive way and that it took them an hour to get in.

    I decided to go out with my sister to help shovel the snow. I put my gloves on and started shovelling but my gloves just got too wet and kept slipping off so I decided to take them off and put them in my pocket.

    I noticed my rings were still on during this time but yet the thought had crossed my mind that I should take the rings off because they were loose, but I didn't. After shovelling for another 20 - 30mins I looked down at my hands and realized that my rings had fallen off.

    I was in a state of panic, my heart just sank in my chest, I didn't know where to begin. I started digging into the snow with my bare hands trying desperately to find them; I had lost both my Wedding Band and my Engagement Ring!

    These rings meant the world to me, my husband had custom designed my engagement ring so it was definitely one of a kind. It started to get dark and really cold and my mom was starting to get upset with me telling me that its not the end of the world, but for me it was.

    There is so much sentimental value attached to those rings that it would be hard to part ways. My mom and I got into a little argument, she kept telling me to give up and I refused to stop looking.

    After a while it was impossible for me to look in the dark, I tried using the car headlights to guide me threw the pile of snow but after a while I had to give up.

    Soon after I came inside the house, my sister had decided to go on the internet and type in, "I lost my rings in the snow" and suddenly there was this testimonial about some guy loosing his ring up in Cypress and my sister knew if Chris Turner can find this guys ring up in Cypress then he definitely could find my rings.

    I got home later that night and I had finally built up enough courage to break the news to my husband. He didn't believe me at first, he knew that I guarded those rings and that I would have called him the second something happened to them.

    He ran up to our room to check my night stands and shortly came back down and questioned if this was a joke. He saw the look on my face and the tears shortly after and he told me that he will help to find them in the morning.

    Before heading to bed I decided to call Chris Turner but sadly I had received his voicemail, so I left him a message. Chris had contacted me when he came back in from finding someone else's rings in Seattle.

    I didn't get the chance to check my messages so I didn't know that Chris had called me back.

    The next morning, I got up and got ready to head out on the quest to find my rings, my husband was with me, shortly after trying to search for the rings realized it was nearly impossible to go through all of that snow one by one and that it was like finding a needle in a hay stack, so he told me to call Chris again and see if he could come out

    It was comforting to talk to someone like Chris knowing that he wouldn't give up until he found my rings. He came within the hour and started the search. Within 10mins Chris found my engagement ring and my heart just starting beating so fast, I was so excited that I didn't even bother thinking about my wedding band.

    Chris never gave up, the search was on for him to find my wedding band, it took Chris an hour to find both my rings in the snow.

    I was so amazed, this search would have taken me days not to mention the chance that I probably would never see my rings again. After the search, Chris was so concerned for my mom about the snow being thrown onto the driveway that he started to shovel the snow back onto the yard that was so thoughtful of him.

    Chris and his wife were amazing, they made my day, the comforting part was that they were both so genuine and sincere. Chris told me that it was up to us as to how much we could give as a reward considering that Christmas had just passed.

    It was especially comforting to us knowing that Chris donates 15% of all his rewards to Children's Hospital. This really shows his personality and his sincerity towards others.

    Thank you for all that you have done for me Chris, we wish you all the best and trust me when I say that I will recommend you with flying colors to anyone that loses their precious jewellery.

    Avreen Bassi

  • I was beside myself with shock and embarrassment when I lost my white gold wedding band in the snow at Cypress…

    On a cold December night my car was stuck in the snow by the roadside and I tried to dig the tire out with my bare hands. I realized after a few minutes I had lost my ring. I had a pit in my stomach. I searched without success for two hours that night with a flashlight.

    I called my wife to report the bad news. It was very difficult because the ring is a symbol of our love and there are personal memories associated with it. I returned to search in daylight with a metal detector I rented.

    To my shock, a snow plow had been over the area I lost the ring the night before and had shifted the snow. Finding the ring would be very tough. I searched again for 3 hours but found nothing.

    I posted an ad on Craigslist and got an email from Chris Turner from Finders at lostjewellery.com offering to help. I gave him a call and he assured me that if I could show him the rough area I lost it, he would find my ring.

    We drove up together to Cypress Mountain and he told me stories of reuniting people with lost treasure. It occurred to me that he has a big heart and is motivated to help people.

    I showed Chris the area and I kept warm in the truck while he got out his metal detector and starting searching. It could not have been more than five minutes before he got a signal and started digging in the snow.

    He held my wedding ring up in the air and looked at me with a smile. Amazing! The ring was 7 or 8 inches deep and had been moved by the snow plow about 10 feet from where I thought I lost it.

    I feel so lucky, but I realize my luck was in finding Chris Turner. Chris is the real deal in treasure hunting.

    If anyone can give Chris the rough area of a lost ring and it is still there, he can find it with his high end metal detector.

    I proudly gave Chris a reward and he is donating a portion to charity. Chris is a very gracious and generous person and I realized that Chris is treasure hunting not only for the thrill of the find, but for the enjoyment and the satisfaction of helping others.

    All the best,
    John Pyper
    Vancouver, BC

  • It had been about 6 weeks…

    …since my wedding ring fell between the boards, into the water, about three-quarters of the way down White Rock Pier. We had tried to look for the ring ourselves the same day I lost it and in subsequent days when we thought the tide would be low enough, to no avail.

    We heard Chris being interviewed on CBC Radio and checked out his website and called him. Chris was so enthusiastic to take on the challenge that he came out to White Rock the next afternoon. It was a very chilly and windy March day.

    We were skeptical that he would be able to find my ring, not knowing how currents/tides affect the movement of such things. Chris was skeptical too due to the passing of so much time, but his excitement couldn't help but give us some hope.

    It just happened that we were leaving for a trip that afternoon and couldn't meet him down at the Pier. It was only a few days later when I checked our messages that we found out that he had some good news for us.

    I couldn't believe it! He found my ring in about 15 minutes. It was buried about 3 inches below the sandy surface, directly under where I had been standing on the pier!

    Getting my ring back meant a lot to me… the bonus was meeting a wonderful guy who uses his talent and passion to help people out by finding their lost jewellery. The fact that he works on a reward basis is extraordinary.

    The fact that he gives 50% to Children's Hospital is even more special. I had no hesitation in paying Chris what would have been the equivalent of my insurance deductible, had I made a claim.

    The whole experience gave me a larger sense of hope in these crazy times. There should be more people like Chris Turner in this world.

    And he's not too bad to look at either. ;)

    Thanks so much Chris!
    Samantha Hayes

  • When I lost my wedding and engagement rings at Kits beach I was certain they were gone forever…

    I had taken them off to put cream on my son's legs and quickly chased after him forgetting that my rings were on my lap.

    Within 15 minutes of having lost the rings (which are attached) I realized my mistake and my friend, who had been with me at the beach, and I looked everywhere on the sand to see if we could find them, all to no avail.

    Later that week I called the police (lost property department) and the insurance company to report the lost rings certain that there was no chance that I would ever see them again. Needless to say, I was rather heart broken, since no other two rings could replace my own.

    My friend offered to put notices at Kits beach in case someone had found them, and went to speak to the Life Guards to see if anyone had turned them in but was told no one had done so. One of the Life Guards gave my friend the name, telephone and website of Chris Turner's …Finders… out of a sense of needing to try every avenue available in the slight chance that the rings could be found, I called Chris.

    When I first spoke to Chris he expressed true-felt regret for my loss, but he was also professional and friendly in our telephone communications. Everything Chris told me about the basis of his contract was perfect: he works on a reward basis (if he didn't find the rings I wouldn't have to pay him anything), I determine how much the reward should be, and one-half of my reward goes to the Children's Hospital foundation.

    Chris checked the tides and concluded the best date and time to go back to the beach in search of my rings. On the day we met, again, Chris was friendly and a pleasure to talk to. As Chris was searching for my rings, I was chasing after my sons, at one point I looked at Chris, saw him stop, bend down, dig into the sand, walk to the water, and raise his hand holding my rings.

    I was simply beside myself with joy. I ran to hug and kiss Chris with as much joy as I did my friends and family on my wedding day! I simply could not believe that he had found my rings. Later Chris told me that the rings were buried about 4 to 6 inches below the surface of the sand.

    The rings had somehow become more and more buried as the days had passed: it had been six to seven days from the day that I lost them until the day that Chris finally found my rings. Chris explained that, contrary to my original belief that the rings would have likely been washed away by the tides, they became more and more buried into the sand as is bound to happen with gold jewellery.

    Not only was Chris true to his word about my setting my own amount for his reward, he even sent me proof of having donated one-half of it to the Children's Hospital. I cannot thank Chris enough for the magnificent job he did at finding my wedding and engagement rings and I hope that others who have lost sentimentally valuable treasures will find Chris to help them recover them.

    Iris Turaglio,
    Vancouver, BC

  • Found Ring---returned right to my door

    When my husband lost his ring in the sand at Locarno Beach on Monday, we were devastated. We searched for about an hour, gently sifting the sand. Nothing was found. With heavy hearts, we left the beach. There was nothing we could do.

    That night I resolved to go back and look for it. In the morning, I packed up my two daughters, threw together a packed lunch, called around for a metal detector and went on my way.

    I searched for two and half hours. Nothing… With half the beach in my kid's clothes, boots and mouths, we left the beach with our heads hanging low.

    I decided to post an ad the next morning on Craigslist to see if anything turned up. If not, maybe someone would see my ad and go out to find the ring for themselves. I never ended up posting that ad. I instead found www.lostjewellery.com.

    Mr. Turner is the man that runs the business. I reviewed his website and was impressed with the testimonials so I decided to send him an e-mail. He called me back soon after and we discussed where the ring had been lost.

    He called me again when he reached the beach to figure out where the ring was….after 20 minutes Mr. Turner called me back. He had found the ring within 1 minute of setting up his equipment. I was so happy!!! Amazed really.

    Then he actually drove to my house in Port Moody (1 hour away from the beach) to bring me my husband's ring!

    I would recommend Mr. Turner to anyone searching for a lost treasure! He has a heart of gold and you can tell by his voice on the phone that he loves what he does!

    Thanks Chris, I wish you all the best in the future!

    Leanne Philbrook

  • My wife and I are very grateful for you finding here engagement ring

    I play volleyball at Spanish Banks on Wednesday evenings. A week ago my wife and son decided to meet me at the beach to watch the volleyball games. My wife left the beach before me, and when she got home she realized she had lost her diamond engagement ring.

    We decided that the most likely place she would have lost it was in front of a log on the beach where she had applied sunscreen to my son. I thoroughly searched the sand in this area, but no ring. I thought the ring was probably lost for good. I went to the lifeguard station to report the lost ring and luckily they gave me a Finders pamphlet and said that Chris was the guy to call.

    I called Chris and he agreed to drive for an hour to the beach to try to find the ring, even though he had to be at work at 4:30 am. When he arrived it was after dark and I was still searching with a flashlight. After fifteen minutes of searching with his metal detector, to my amazement he found the ring.

    When I came home with the ring, my wife was astonished and relieved that her ring was back.

    Thanks Chris, you saved the day and earned me many a brownie point.

    I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who has lost jewellery.

    Like his pamphlet says "It can be found".

    Greg Adamson

  • Good Day Christopher. A very special thanks to you in recovering my Gold Celtic Ring…

    Having spent countless hours trying to locate the Ring in a Strawberry Patch and Ivy Field, and without success, my spirit was beginning to wane if I would ever find my Ring.

    When I met you and discussed your previous successes and finds, I felt there will now be a chance to locate the Ring. Your passion was overwhelming. Even more spectacular was that you found the Ring within 10 - 15 Seconds of beginning your Search Grid.

    I know at the end of the day a ring is just a piece of metal, but one's personal memories and symbolism attributed to pieces of jewellery is 'age old'. They represent far more than fashion.

    Thank-you again for bringing a major smile to my face and adding another good memory for my Ring.

    I will without question recommend you 100%.

    With Much Respect
    Daniel A Lavery

  • Chris Turner of Finders is a real treasure. Believe it or not, it was a cold, snowy day in Vancouver

    After opening my car door without mittens I shook my freezing cold hands and looked just in time to see my diamond wedding ring flying thru the air into a snow drift. After searching through the snow without success I called my husband in tears.

    He suggested I call a treasure hunter, well, at the very least a guy with a metal detector. After a couple of calls I was given Chris's number and gave him a call. He said he could come out after finishing work that evening, if need be.

    I then embarked on my own search and asked friends and neighbours to join in and after hours of searching with a salad fork and then renting a metal detector, gave up. Chris called at the end of the day and said he could come when his film wrapped but would need to drive across town to fetch his equipment and then drive back to our home.

    He finally arrived well after midnight and within about 3 minutes, managed to find my ring in the same area that all of us had looked a million times. His graciousness was an unexpected pleasure.

    Thank you so much for recovering my precious property!

    Stephanie Goltman

  • Dear Chris, I just wish to say a massive big thank you…

    …in any case. Even though the ring wasn't found, I feel I can now rule out the beach. I was definitely wearing the ring on the walk, and now the most likely explanation is that it fell down the toilet (!) I really appreciate all your hard work, and am more at peace now that I know you've searched on my behalf.

    Thanks again, and take care,


  • Mr. Chris Turner is a very extraordinary person. I lost my diamond ring on a beach in Vancouver one night before I flew out of Vancouver back to Austria

    I read a flyer of a treasure hunter/finder; called this phone number and a couple of hours later Mr. Chris Turner met me on the beach to check the situation. He is very patient, professional & extremely trustworthy.

    I offered €100,-to find the ring. He simply said, well first we find the ring & if we find it & I insist giving some money (out of gratitude) he could give it to charity (fighting cancer - kids hospital). I gave him my address & my phone number & flew off.

    In the next weeks I got a couple of emails from Mr. Turner, He was busy checking with other treasure hunters regarding the ring. Finally after actually 3 month he wrote to me that my ring was found which I had lost in the water!

    So long story short… Mr. Turner put hours & hours of HIS TIME into finding my ring. His reward was not money no… It was the joy he found in making someone happy, because someone got something precious she lost back.

    I feel very honored to get to know Mr. Chris Turner. Wish him & his family all of gods blessing.

    Andrea Grabner

  • It was a sad day when I lost my Gold Nugget necklace…

    It was a sad day when I lost my Gold Nugget necklace that was made from all my old Gold and was refined to 99.99%.

    I was playing baseball in Burnaby, when I left to go home I noticed that I had lost my nugget. I returned to the field and searched on my own for hours and finally gave up.

    Three years later I was casually talking to Chris Turner about his company and what he does for a living. When he told me he treasure hunts I mention that I had lost my Gold nugget.

    He asked me where I lost it and I explained to him which baseball diamond. He knew the place and said he would take a look for me.

    Chris phoned me the next morning 8 a.m. and said he looked all around the bleachers where I told him it could of fell out of my bag. He asked me if there was anywhere else it could have been lost.

    I mentioned I was in the dugout just before I left, he said he would call me back and minutes later he called back to tell me he had found my nugget that was lost for 3 years!

    Chris told me it was less than an inch under the dirt, I was ecstatic the loop was missing but the nugget was intact.

    Hundreds of people had walked on and had been within inches of my nugget for years, and nobody found it.

    It took Chris just 15 minutes to find my nugget, and the strangest part was when I retrieved the nugget from him it had an impression of what looked like a gold miner, panning gold at a stream on the front of the nugget.

    That was never there before? Funny thing is I have heard Chris Turner believes he was a gold miner in another life and that he was killed by a bear while panning for gold at a stream!!!!

    My nugget that had a rough natural finish came out of the ground with a little gold miner panning for gold at the stream.

    Unbelievable really that he found my nugget and that the little man appeared…

    You figure it out!!!! I think he's got somebody helping him on the inside?

    My name is Dale and that's my story, oh and if you've lost something make sure to call Chris…He'll find it!