News Article:

Seeking That Lost Treasurel

Chris Turner is a specialist at finding items that are lost

By Scott Neilson, Burnaby Now Reporter

A one-of-a-kind Lower Mainland business is putting to rest the old proverb 'Finders keepers, losers weepers."

A 35-year-old treasure finder is ready willing and able to work the backyards and back streets of Burnaby in order to help you find that special something you thought you'd lost forever.

Chris Turner is the master-mind behind Professional Finders, a unique business whose job it is to find that ring you lost two years ago in the backyard or that watch you dropped last summer on the beach.

Turner says he's been searching for treasure since he was 14.

"It got to the point where I basically wanted to return what I had found. It's more exciting for me now to see the reaction on people's faces when I've found that special something than actually finding the item itself."

Gord Prothero, vice-president of Diversified Electronics of Canada Ltd. in Lake City where Turner has purchased all of his high-tech equipment, acknowledges his client has a fervor for his work that's unparalleled.

"You mean the fanatic?" he asks when Turner's name is mentioned. "I've never met a guy with such an enthusiasm for any sport."

Among Turner's latest finds are a diamond ring in a Chilliwack back yard and another ring on a local baseball diamond.

"I think I'm 16 for 20," Turner said of his success rate. "Sometimes things have been lost I just can't find but it doesn't make sense, while other things have been missing for two years and I walk in and find it right away."

The former professional soccer player says his primary goal is to take his talents to Europe to search for treasure and chalices buried beneath the ground for centuries.

"For 2,000 years the ground has been everyone's bank," he said. "If someone had something valuable they either couldn't take with them or didn't want to give up, they just buried it."

To that end, he has a piece of property lined up in France and just needs some investors.

As for his most unusual find, Turner said an urn full of sugar wins the prize.

"It was buried up behind Jericho Beach," he said. "I though it might be some ashes or something but when I opened it up, it was full of sugar. I'm always wondering if I'm going to get a call someday from someone saying 'Hey you've got my can of sugar.'" If you have something you want found, call Turner at 650-2878.